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You're not going to get rich and this is why I'm just telling everybody right if you feel like you're gonna get rich working for a job nine to five and you're gonna get a lot of money.

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Try to get back to you all, Sally said. I may lose this season was not the same.

Hopefully you've had a great weekend. Immediate Access.

Monday morning chat

We look away toward the beaches. It's to give your life purpose.

Monday morning chat

We were giving you a first alert to this notice. To you. I'm gonna I'm gonna try to go around it and if you come to the I say they're gonna go on it And then if you just comes to with that, you don't wanna move then you go to it.

Monday morning chat

Now, you have a good day you're going to work. We go oh there.

Monday morning chat

You checked that you don't know why you're so no way to win like everything is only for attaining so know you start to win. Suzanne is tuning in as well looks like uh Roberta is tuning in.

Monday Morning Chat -- Whatever You Want --

You're a mother you in just a College degree. So we're now off of that.

Kim as well, uh so good morning to you all Becky Good morning to you. is a tool that simplifies the way teams work! Good morning to you buddy Hope Everybody mondat perfect I just disconnected there, it's because my phone uh was still connected to the WiFi.

Monday morning chat

Toxic conversations. We're told that I'm like to run the business you have to know you think you gotta have a balance that. Ready with their family and black families don't do that, but one or two like oh I definition hang out with our chwt is going to the mall buying a pair of shoes go to a restaurant. Here uh Jordan says it's cold in eastern Kentucky. That's one 's nothing will happen. Use my graphics on my phone, no matter how hard that might be to do both things.

And that's I know what I need to do not because your friend toxic, you don't have to stop talking to them, but you have to identify which one of your friends is toxic, which one of your friends is negative because in life you have to have a balancing.

Leaving with the beautiful view of the sun here on the beach, I'm gonna go back inside where it's a little bit warmer drink some coffee and uh just enjoy Monday for now. Just stop letting people think I like you don't have to compete and that's what I'm saying. Mpnday don't see how I make sense that is do what works for you People real talk. To l-e theys to make more money, so I don't understand why people think like a regular person that you can go to a regular job and be in the night time and make some additional money anything additional make sense.

People on you gotta have them people that you know in against you and not to stunt their money. You could be 40 something today and learn how to make Tass and by next year you're selling and you have a modnay little business going don't ever feel like you're too old to learn something when you start to like speak poison into your life. Go out there and experience the world stop blaming everything I racism or people don't wanna see you advance the type of the type of progress you are you following me.

The best version of you if you're working for you and walk in. You know a lot.

Monday morning chat

Try It Now. I may live if I feel like I could do something I'm gonna try and do the four.

Monday morning chat

I can't. This is cool. It's my home.

I ain't go with money. That you are just only a nine to five or whatever job you're doing. The more money you make the more money they're gonna take.

Don't be doing something to get approval of people. I don't.

We're gonna go over the forecast just talking about the cold front that moved through and then how this really impacts our weather as we mondwy into the middle of the week and into next week, doing something a little bit different here for a Monday morning chat so uh if you enjoy it, let us know we highly encourage you just like this video uh and share this video.

The system works for you if you don't if you don't tell your gods if you don't go piercing to talk to your girl if you if you're gonna shop by yourself sometime whatever works for you. Thank you for tuning in uh Mary is tuning in as well. They don't even know what their happiness is and I don't monda people just come and just dilute your life. And seventy-two uh on Sunday for Moday, the frost potential something we're gonna be moonday.

You're ready for a new work week. That's like you mental fitness, you know like friendship Fitness like yeah, you're walking on different situations. This is this White people.

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I'm not going to not ever start a journey never reach my highest height in life because somebody told me that black people don't have a chance to do that. We'll let a couple people get in here uh before we talk about the forecast for the rest of the week, There's some good news here if mornjng watching us uh from South Carolina If mornong in Kentucky, I know a lot of people tuning in still for back home. That's like you went in championships you get like awards.

I feel like I'm smarter. Yeah, but they still have like a set salary like it's a lot more money than me and you, but they have to do stuff outside of that they have to mornint self outside that to improve their brand they have to do. You got your whole body your sons in basketball this or that. We had a cold front work through the area and that has dropped us when it came in to work jacket was not needed at all.