European Forum for Urban Security

Description: A European network of 300 local authorities established in 1987 in Barcelona, on the initiative of Gilbert Bonnemaison, former Mayor of Epinay-sur-Seine, and supported by the Council of Europe. Our network aims to strengthen crime reduction policies and to promote the role of local authorities in national and European policies.

Activities: We work on all major issues in urban safety and security and we build up links between European local authorities through practices, information exchanges, cooperation and training.

We also build up links between local authorities on a national, European and international level.

We promote the role of local authorities through making the most of the results of our programmes, projects and research.

Governance: A general assembly of all the members meets once a year.
The executive committee consists of 33 local authorities, an elected President and 7 national Forums, in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg and Portugal.

Management: Board of Directors and technical staff


Guidelines and principles: Respect for human rights in the implementation of safety policies. Such policies must not involve the exclusion and repression of vulnerable groups. Our principles are outlined in the Cities’ Manifesto.

The members: Local, regional, and national Authorities, NGOs involved in crime prevention, and universities.  Members are expected to pay a fee.  Only elected local and regional authorities have full membership.

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