Seminar in Bordeaux, May 2012

Thanks to the last study visit in Bordeaux, SDS partners assessed the situation regarding all exchanges across Europe. They also talked about their common approaches, differences and first recommendation visits. The study of French and European practices unveiled comprehensive strategies that are integrated into the cities’ prevention and security plans, and then translated into actions. Partner cities organise nightlife management and regulate cohabitation difficulties between people attending the party and residents, but above all risks for massive consumers. The answer is based on partnership principles and a combination of prevention, repression and solidarity. The fields of prevention and education, risk reduction and public spaces regulation that these cities are carrying through must be invested so as to limitate and warn against excessive consumption.

Study visits reveal the city’s capacities to experiment innovative and timely answers. The common doctrine that will stem from them their experiences and from the confrontation of their actions must find a national and European echo to help elected representatives and local partners.

Press conference in Bordeaux

Alain Juppé, Bordeaux’s mayor, held a press conference with Michel Marcus, the Forum’s Director general, during the last “Safer Drinking Scenes” project’s field visit. They recalled the importance of our cities’ reflexion on youth massive alcoholisation.

Adenda of the Seminar held in Bordeaux