Visit in Stuttgart, 5-7 October 2011

Fifteen representatives of the SDS project’s partners travelled to Stuttgart, in Germany, for a study seminar. After a visit of the city’s main historical and cultural sites, as well as alcoholisation places in the city centre, the group carefully listened to several interventions by Martin Schairer, one of the mayor’s assistants, Michael Kayser, head of the security service, and Donald Biess, head of the youth service.

They first dealt with the organisation of Stuttgart’s security partnership before drawing the assessment of the current situation as regards alcohol consumption among the young, both at the local and national scale.

There was a presentation of an interesting action aiming at barring entries in bars for repeated infractions perpetrators – an initiative that echoes stadiums prohibition. Discussants labelled it innovative as it is entirely financed and set up by the public sector. Later on, measures taken during Volkfest – a popular beer-centered celebration, which each year attracts some 4 million visitors during 17 days – were presented, before a visit.



Agenda of the Seminar held in Stuttgart