Seminar in Brest, 14th-16th September 2011

The partners’ meeting in Brest presented the political context and the city’s choices as regards alcoholisation prevention. The question of alcohol overconsumption in Brest is not new on this territory, even though its forms are evolving and that its visibility in public spaces is getting stronger. This joint mobilisation is an asset, as it brings all public and associative actors to work hand in hand while respecting each other’s skills, in order to share a common audit, in order to innovate, in order to experiment fresh approaches, and eventually to reinforce ongoing action.

During the 2004 Autumn, the apparition of nighttime gatherings on week days, coupled with alcohol overconsumption, encouraged to work on 2 directions :

– Try to understand people’s motivation to attend those meetings, the reasons that urge them to drink so much and so quickly – from a study made by the West Brittany University and then by the analysis on the field work on Thursday evenings by urban mediators of the city of Brest.

– Meanwhile, experiment diverse actions, coordinated between the services of the City, the State… as to foster the offer in terms of alternatives to information, diminish risks, encourage participants to drink less and finally reduce these gatherings and more specifically their impact on the share of the public space, of the city, and of course the general well-beingwithin Brest.


Agenda of the Seminar held in Brest