Kick-off meeting in Paris, 19th-20th January 2011

This seminar gathered the project’s partner cities and an expert committee. The project’s presentation, the cities’ visit’s framework  as well as the strategic and political objectives were defined with the participants. Besides, experts presented the caracteristics of Binge drinking from their clinical, epidemiological and sociodemographical points of view, in France and in Europe. The project starts with an experts-led capitalisation and research phase.

Massive alcoholisation among young people – which is often called Binge Drinking – is a recurring phenomenon  across most of Europe’s major cities. Consequently, it is more and more often put at the centre of local concerns – and therefore priorities. These practices must significatively be taken into account since they often provoke non-conformist behaviours, obvious safety risks, but also increased victimisation risks.

The French Forum for Urban Security has been working on this topic for several years, and more particularly since 2007 when its “Binge Drinking” work group was set up. It seems necessary to work on this subject at the European level and to confront situations and practices that are implemented in different cities across the continent.

The FFUS brought together several European cities and an experts committee with a view to gather knowledge and best practices as concerns this topic, to enable cities to expert via field visits and to produce a final tool. A multilingual website, it will comprise research results, best practices, available tools, advice and recommendations. It will also include a participatory space that will widen the network, foster exchanges and long-lasting work. The project is scheduled over 30 months.  

Wednesday 19h January 2011 

09:30 – 11:30

Welcoming of participants

Round table of presentation of partners: local issues and expectations from the project

11:30 11:45 

Coffee break

11:45– 12:45

Overall presentation of the project accepted by the European Commission

Project management: activity and budget follow-

12:30 – 14: 00



14:00 – 17:00

Discussion on the role of partners and associated partners

Project work plan




Thursday, 20th of January 2011

10:00 – 12:00

Presentation and point of view of experts

Role of expert committee

12h00- 13h00

Financial issues:

–       EU financing and partners’ contribution

–       eligible costs

Presentation and discussion on partnership contracts

13h00 – 14h00


End of the meeting